Music For Library

Topo Copy and Cosy Cozy joined forces for a series of musical library experiences. For each session musicians were invited to play adapted library music…

‘We Could Be Heroes’

Kapotski plays at the opening of ‘We Could Be Heroes’ — Solo-show by Kristof Van Heeschvelde Galerie Jan Dhaese, January 2016.   

Music For Library

Topo Copy and Cosy Cozy join forces for a series of musical library experiences. Snooping around in The Shelf Library with (live) music. For each session…


Cosy Crackles: a small intervention for Ben Benaouisse — KARFOUR 2015 @ DOK, Ghent, September 2015.


Kapotski - Triple Deck @ Conversations, curated by Hendrik Braet @ CC De Ververij, Ronse.

Wanking on Weird Setups Fest #01

“Wanking on Weird Setups Fest” a festival that celebrates out of the ordinary audio setups. Kapotski invites musicians and sound artists to build sound installations…

Antwerpen Centraal

24 feb 2012: Our track Kapstoki in Antwerpen Centraal, a movie by Peter Krüger

La Semaine du Son

25, 26, 27 & 28 Jan 2012: Triple Deck in a program by Les Ateliers Claus — KLANKSON LA SEMAINE DU SON / EEN WEEK…

Triple Deck @ DOK

10 dec 2011: Triple Deck in good company during ‘Volle Maan Maakt Gek’ @ DOK. With Nicolas Provost – DreamCamEra – Dj’s Black Francis &…

Triple Deck Release Party

01 oct 2011: Triple Deck – Release Party @ Wiels with Dj Grazzhoppa, Frederic Le junter, Dick Van Der Harst, Ben Bennaouisse (host) & dj…

Triple Deck

Triple Deck is a release/installation that represents Kapotski in its purest form. For a week Jonas, Ruben and Kurt sojourned in a 19th century villa…


17, 18 sept 2011: Kapotski went and played underground! Discovering C-mine.


29 june 2011: Kapotski teamed up with Ben Benaouisse and played at D.ART (Mechelen) – Opa Malyn

Nuit Blanche Amsterdam @ Brakke Grond

18 june 2011: Kapotski teamed up with Daniel Rivero Baralt and Louise Van den Eede for Nuit Blanche Amsterdam @ Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond.…

Het Groene Boek

29 may 2011: Kapotski plays at Zuiderpershuis (Antwerp) – ‘Het Groene Boek’, a platform for stories and scenario’s for the future and a meeting point…

The Miraculous Life of Claire C.

3 feb 2011: Kapotski plays at the official book presentation of ‘The Miraculous Life of Claire C.’ by Sarah Vanhee & Frascati Productions @ Campo.

SINGAPORE SLING: a day by Hel’s Kitchen

12 Dec 2010 – Kapotski teamed up with Helmut Van den Meersschaut and presented a triplophone installation @ SINGAPORE SLING: a day by Hel’s Kitchen,…

Karfour 2010

12 Nov 2010 – ‘Karfour 2010’ @ Campo Nieuwpoort = an evening program with several works, and a variety of media & backgrounds. Live action,…

Big Bang Festival, Opera Ghent & Lille

On November 07, 13, 14 Kapotski played @ Big Bang Festival @ Opera Ghent and Lille

Kinky Star, Laboratoire – Idiosyncratics Records

June 04: Kapotski at Kinky Star Laboratoire in a Idiosyncratics Records program with P-Y Bihet (Young Girls Recs, Liege) and DJ Uva-Ursi.

Zeebelt, Den Hague (NL)

May 25, 26: Kapotski at Zeebelt‘s ‘Avondje Alles’, Den Hague (NL) in a program with: NEST-expo ‘Appetite for Destruction’ and the play ‘Kapot Maken’ from…

Yport, Recording Triple Deck Trip

One week in France to prepare, experiment and record stuff for ‘Triple’ Deck’. Kapotski’s next (free) Release (installation). Inside this post you’ll find our photo-report…

Trix – JnoisZZ session

May 13th: Kapotski feat. Lander Gyselinck #. Download mp3 (115MB) licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. [mp3player width=290 height=40 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml playlist=trix.xml]

Courtisane festival

An “expanded cinema” experience : a silent film screening with live soundtrack by Kapotski. Courtisane festival - Baby Matinee - Avant-garde for kids - Cinema…


Kapotski feat. Lander Gyselinck #. Download mp3 (44MB) licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. [mp3player width=290 height=40 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml playlist=versus.xml]


Kapotski live @ Bozar, Sept 11 2009, aprox. 1hr. enjoy [mp3player width=290 height=40 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml playlist=bozar.xml]

Summercamp Electrified

Running from July 12th to 19th 2009, the Electrified summer camp is an intensive week of work for 15 artists and 3 organizations with the…


Sat June 27th, kapotski played at “Tuinfestival Sint-Lucas Gent”, a year-ending (architecture) celebration, free expo, concerts, …

Zennestraat 17 rue de la Senne

31.05 – 16:30 kapotski played @ Zennestraat 17 rue de la Senne in the Common Space. thx 2 Constant for having us! [mp3player width=290 height=60…

Kapotski plays ‘Iglo’

March 12 2009, Kapotski played at ‘the game is up! – How to save the world in 10 days‘, at Vooruit ( Kapotski invited Lander…

Kapotski [heart] Eric’s drawings :)

Eric De Volder made some drawings while working and playing with us at The Vooruit last week. Enjoy!

Kapotski @ Burning Ice Festival / Kaaitheater

Fri 23/01/’09, kapotski played at BURNING ICE // THE ART OF WASTE » The Art of Waste: Evening programme: Performances, lectures, music & film;Kapotski…

Kapotski @ KIM (Kunst is Modder)

Photo: Kurt Stockman Yesterday kapotski played at the KIM-attic (Kunst is Modder), home of Eric De Volder and ‘Toneelgroep Ceremonia‘.

Worm / Cafe Sonore, VPRO Radio6

Saterday, september 6 – Cafe Sonore, VPRO radio6. A broadcast with interviews and live recordings of the Motors Of Invention festival that took place last…

Optical Sound generator

Kapotski participated at “The Game Is Up” festival at the Vooruit in Ghent and made some DIY optical tone generator kits. We provided all the…

Shopdropping is fun!

Shopdropping our free k.i.s.r.t.s. release. Finders Keepers!


Isolde invites

Isolde Lasoen invited Kapotski and Kristof Rosseeuw to play, and so we did … in a program with Daan, Flip Kowlier, Ideal Husbands, Jack Van…

Placard Headphonefestival

December 14th – Kapotski played at Placard Headphonefestival. Headphone concerts for headphone people | Etoiles Polaires 07 – Vooruit

Just A Friday Afternoon

Just a friday afternoon in november, under a rainbow. [mp3player width=290 height=40 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml playlist=scheve-loep.xml] Pictures


aug 2007: artist residency @  ‘moscou-bernadette’ (S.M.A.K., Nucleo) [mp3player width=290 height=40 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml playlist=put.xml]


“Shitski” is Kapotski‘s second free vinyl 10″ and was presented within the framework of an installation; over a period of two months the records were…


June 2007: Kapotski plays at Braakland/ZheBilding. Kapotski + Luc Van Acker + Geert Waegeman + Isolde Lasoen

Vienna – Wiener Festwochen

May 2007: Kapotski played at the Wiener Festwochen in the “Under Construction” festival – Into the City, Vienna.

Les ateliers claus

May 2007: Kapotski plays at ‘Les ateliers claus’ – SALON # 3 – Here are some nice pictures by Tim Jansen!

Mex – Dortmund

May 2007: Kapotski plays at Mex – Dortmund. A Photo-report by Tim Jansen

Single Single Release-Installation

Kapotski distributes the Kapotski + Othin Spake 7″ Single Single for free at Dedonderdagen#13 (deSingel). The vinyl contains excerpts from a the Kapotski + Othin…

Kapotski + Othin Spake @ deSingel

Kapotski invited Othin Spake to play along at Dedonderdagen#12. The concert was recorded and ended up on a free vinyl (Kapotski + Othin Spake 7″…

Single Single

Kapotski’s first free vinyl! Kapotski + othin spake 7 ” was recorded live at Dedonderdagen and distributed for free @ deSingel. installation. #. Download zip…

Emieltapes #2

Emieltapes 02 – Vooruit, Dec 15 2006: Kapotski + Serhat koksal, Steven Debruyn, Mauro Pawlowski Live Recordings from this concert ared used on Kapotski’s free k.i.s.r.t.s…

Emieltapes #1

Emieltapes 01 – Vooruit, Oct 25 2006:  Kapotski + Jean-Marie Aerts, Frederic Lejunter, Isolde Lasoen. Live Recordings from this concert ared used on Kapotski’s free k.i.s.r.t.s release Pictures by…

Emieltapes #0

  [mp3player width=290 height=140 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml playlist=emieltapes0.xml]


Kapotski put up a dynamic musical setup/experience/kinda soundtrack for “Keys” by “ontroerend goed“.

Famous for 15 mb

March 2006, webrelease on #. Download zip licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. [mp3player width=290 height=120 config=fmp_jw_widget_config.xml playlist=famous.xml] (nosordo)

Happy New Ears

October 2005 – Kapotski appears on the ‘‘Happy new ears CD – compilation’ with ‘kapstoki’. You can listen and download the track in the Famous…

Do not touchski

sept 2005: “Do not touchski” at roodkapje ( “Do not touchski” should be installed connected to the electricity, so that when you use it all…

Gand cru – Lille 2004

July 2004: Gand Cru / Kapotski at Lille (FR) 2004 “capitale européenne de la culture”. In four days kapotski build a cave with waste, metal…

Mixing It – BBC Radio 3

Robert Sandall and Mark Russell report from the Belgian cities of Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels. They talk to members of the group dEUS, electronica artist…


Sept 2005 \\ grondtonen @ de brakke grond, + Kapotski’s Anthemspecial.