Music For Library

Topo Copy and Cosy Cozy join forces for a series of musical library experiences. Snooping around in The Shelf Library with (live) music. For each session they invite musicians to play adapted Library Music – live, from an isolated adjoining room – for approx. one hour. These sessions are recorded and will be released under the title “Music for Library”.

Music For Library #5 — 13/11/2015: Kapotski


Music For Library, a project by Topo Copy and Cosy Cozy

The Shelf Library is a growing collection and ongoing expo of (fan-)zines, printed art… Topo Copy has a unique collection of self-published (fan-)zines, limited edition printed art (-books) and independent publications, with contributions from around the globe. The Shelf Library functions as an expo, one you can touch! Contributions are appreciated.

Cosy Cozy is a (dj) duo seeking ways to bring music to people in a cosy atmosphere.

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